Park operating rules


A) Some attractions, show, restaurants, shops and pastimes may remain closed for technical, meteorological or organisational reasons.

B) The amount is non-refundable.

C) Use of any attraction with necklaces, spectacles, watches, earrings, rings, piercing or any metallic object is not permitted…

D) For safety reasons there are restrictions on access to the attractions by age, height or physical conditions. Find out more at the entrance to each attraction.

E) Access to the Park with pets (except guide dogs) is not permitted.

F) Access to the park with bicycles and/or skates is prohibited.

G) Out of politeness and respect for others, jumping the queue or keeping places for other people in it is not permitted.

H) To preserve hygiene, politeness and respect for others, using the water facilities with clothes that are not exclusively for swimming is not permitted; entering the water in street clothes is not permitted.

I) The ticket granting entry to the Park must be kept during your entire stay there and must be shown to the Park or security staff who ask to see it. Parque Aquopolis reserves the right to expel therefrom any person who is there without a valid ticket granting entry.

J) The Park does not have a megaphone to broadcast personal messages.

K) The sale of alcoholic drinks and tobacco to those aged under 18 is prohibited.

L) The consumption of any type of drugs or narcotics within the park is prohibited.

M) All types of sale and distribution of pamphlets, broadsides or products in the Park’s facilities is prohibited, except those that the latter expressly authorises.

N) So that our visitors may enjoy the attractions, in all of them, at the end of the ride you must leave and wait your turn. To use the attraction again, the queues must be respected.

O) For safety reasons, Aquopolis reserves the right to inspect visitors’ property at any time, since bringing in glass articles, cans, arms inflammable materials and dangerous objects is not permitted.

P) It is essential that visitors to the Park try to take care with their personal property, since Aquopolis shall not be held liable for the loss or damage they may suffer during their stay there; we have a cloakroom service for that purpose.

Q) In order to reinforce safety in our Park we continually monitor our facilities; this training may include the use of equipment such as the rescue manikin.

R) It is essential that children be always under adult supervision.

S) For your safety entering with glass articles, cans that have not been drunk and/or cutting objects.

Aquopolis reserves the right of admission to and expulsion from its facilities those people who contravene the rules listed below or who are in the following situations:

A) Causing a disturbance.

B) Inappropriate use of tickets or passes. (Members of the Club Parques Reunidos sign an application that entails accepting the Operational rules of each of the Parks). Only tickets purchased at the authorised points of sale shall be valid.

C) For vandalism or causing damage to the park’s facilities.

D) For behaviours that make other visitors uncomfortable or affect their enjoyment.