All Inclusive

We offer you a product so that your view of Aquopolis Villanueva is perfect. The All Inclusive bracelet. You can enjoy a wide variety of menus, drinks and snacks in our restaurants. And all from just € 35. We offer you 8 different menus so you can choose variety and quality

In order to purchase your All inclusive bracelet, you must prove the purchase of a ticket. It is available at all points of sale except for the Kiosko Splash and must be activated at the Information Point of Aquopolis Villanueva. Once active, you can enjoy all its advantages.

The All inclusive bracelet is non-transferable and personal and it is not allowed to deliver products (food or drink) to other people, if detected, the bracelet will be removed. It has a maximum limit of one consumption per person every 60 minutes (it is understood as consumption the menus designated by restaurant).

Do not hesitate and enjoy an unforgettable day with the All Inclusive bracelet and Aquopolis Villanueva, your best option.

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