Waves Beach

If you can’t go to the beach and you miss it, the wave pool is the answer to your desire. You can begin the day in Aquópolis by dipping your feet in a pleasant family atmosphere on the edge of this refreshing beach or have a rest from all the excitement on other attractions in the water park by lolling on soft wave after it breaks.

Once you are relaxed or if you are one of those people who don’t like to relax too long or you like action, Waves Beach offers you the chance to go in to swim in its middle area with its calm sea or, even, dare to demonstrate your gifts as a swimmer with the most turbulent water, catching its fun waves from the moment they begin in the deepest area until they reach heights of more than one metre.

Venture to take on the challenge of the waves with your own body or accompanying them in their journey towards the edge. In the most tranquil manner, you can allow yourself to be rocked by the waves, for example, while you float lying flat out as you speak to your friends with half your body in the water, as you do when you’re at the beach, only here the salt won’t bother you!




Min: 120 (Children under 120 cm must be accompanied by an adult)cm





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