Turbolance is a high-excitement attraction at Aquópolis Villanueva De la Cañada inaugurated in 2011.

In this attraction several sensations are combined all at once. Three types of water attractions in one: Black Hole (close tube), an open flume with a great slope and a Boomerang. Its amazing height will leave you speechless, from the top you’ll be able to see the fantastic views Aquópolis offers you.

This attraction is used with a float, where it begins with a closed tube that is raised into the air, the tube is opened to the exterior and then begins astounding slope reaching the Half-pipe (half Boomerang) which at 8 metres high you begin to slide on your back. Where a stream of water will refresh you and you’ll enter the braking section.

You’ll not be able to stop repeating this wonderful sensation.

Do you dare?

We await you all at Aquópolis Villanueva De la Cañada.

Single floater only for people who measure 1,40 m. or more

Double floater only for people over 1.20 m. accompanied by a responsible adult who measures more than 1.40 m. and whose weight adds up to between 100 kg and 180 kg. The person with the lowest weight will be at the front.

People over the age of 65 can ride as long as they comply with weight and height restrictions.

High Intensity



Min: 140cm


Max: 100kg
Min: 60kg



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