Slow River

If what you’re looking for is tranquillity and to refresh yourself, Slow River of Aquópolis Villanueva (Madrid) is the attraction for you Relax as a family.

Rest from the great excitements.

What you’re looking for is tranquillity, to enjoy a relaxed swim with or without a float this is your attraction.

The Slow River is a closed circuit with a length of more than 180 metres so that you relax while the soft current carries you along.

Enjoy it alone or accompanied on your double float and take a breather in a natural environment along the course of our Slow River.

An ideal place to have an enjoyable time as a family, while you immerse yourself in a tropical paradise. Perfect to rest from so much excitement

Relax and enjoy your stay at Aquopolis Villanueva!




Min: 120cm





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