If any goal defines this water attraction, it is astonishing: both for those who slide down it and for those who wait below, who will see them come in the blink of an eye, barely expecting them to reach the pool so quickly. Yes, speed is another of the characteristics of Kamikaze, a flume whose mouth is at a great height, which makes it visible from practically all areas of the park.

Amazing, electrifying and astounding are more of the many adjectives that may be applied to Kamikaze, one of the kings of the water parks because on this you can reach speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour.

You’ll have to be brave to enjoy the adrenaline unleashed by the speed that is reached almost without realising it in this exciting water facility thanks to its sudden changes in the slope. If you want to go to the limit, put your legs and arms against your body to be more aerodynamic and break all-time records.

Adults and children over 1.40 metres tall may use the attraction over and over again because the high speed that is reached during your descent will make you feel like a human bullet shot towards the pool and that time is flying by.

High Intensity



Min: 140cm


Max: 100kg


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