Estanque Dorado

Swim freely, soak yourself under its waterfalls or play with your friends or family in a calm and relaxing environment. Estanque Dorado transports you to the most beautiful landscapes you have seen in the movies, making you feel like a mermaid or a dolphin.

Have a rest with a refreshing dip in this large pool with tropical airs, in which the fun part is sharing this carefree moment with your companions. Play with your children in this enormous expanse of water in a more leisurely manner than in other facilities in the park.

You can sit on the edge with your feet dipped in the water, floating on your back to feel the sun on your cheek, dive in a relaxed manner in its warm water, submerge yourself up to your waist to chat with your family or friend, believe that you are in a spa or in the swimming pool of a big hotel, or even doing some exercise in its great expanse.

If swimming pools are your thing, you won’t want to leave this one! Make way in your busy schedule in the park’s facilities to rest and think about your next adventure in Aquópolis or about the fun day you’re having.
This attraction is adapted for disabled people. If you require it, ask for the adapted chair to make use of the lake.




Min: 100 (Children under 120 cm must be accompanied by an adult)cm





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